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Hacking the WowWee RoboRemote

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2008

Our friends over at RoboCommunity just put together a nice tutorial on how to hack the WowWee RoboRemote:

WowWee RoboRemote

A quick intro to the RoboRemote, courtesy of RoboCommunity:

The RoboRemote was announced by WowWee at the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show (CES). It is advertised as a programmable remote that can be used to control all current, and future, WowWee robots. The advertised list price is $19. The RoboRemote is now available at the WowWee Store.

RoboRemote Technical Specifications

* 4 customizable buttons with 3 shift levels
* USB connection
* Infrared signal range of up to 6 1/2 feet (2 meters)
* 3 “AAA” cell batteries (not included)

The RoboRemote controls the robots using an infrared (IR) transmitter. Pressing a button on the remote causes a programmable sequence of commands to be sent to the robot. The commands are programmed into each button on the remote using an included computer software application and a USB cable. When a RoboRemote button is pressed, all of the IR commands associated with the button stream from the remote’s infrared transmitter. It works as if a user was pressing the individual command buttons on the robot’s original remote.

While this remote will be very handy for users to control multiple robots with a single remote, there is another potential use for the RoboRemote. Hidden inside the RoboRemote is the heart of what is needed to construct an opto-isolated control and sensor interface with programmable control behaviors.