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TR TV Episode 5: Andrew Finally Cracks

Wednesday, November 14th, 2012

The latest episode of TRTV we take a look at Andrew’s new designer eyeware, and our newest line of robotic accessories. We’ve also got some footage of Erik reviving of our popular Scorpion Turret based Paintball Gun Sentry.

Ever wonder what world class robotisists eat to keep them going? Check out Matt and Andrews new diet, as well as the office’s new juicing habit.

And finally, for this episode’s namesake, Andrew Finally Cracks

TRTV Episode 4 : The Evolution of a Product

Wednesday, September 19th, 2012

The latest episode of TRTV follows the design and production process of our new robotic arm, the PhantomX Reactor. This behind the scenes look will show you everything from our initial design considerations and manufacturing problems to our test code and info on our inverse kinematics engine.

TRTV Episode 3: Everyone’s a Smartass

Friday, September 14th, 2012

Life can’t always be glitter and robots – there’s a lot more that goes on here at Trossen Robotics. Get some insight into our shipping process, our quality tripods, our fine music choices and our new prototype camera dolly systems in our latest video.