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Robots that shoot other robots, and interns

Friday, August 29th, 2008

Now some of you may have heard of Mech Wars, which is a new robotic competition slated for debut at Robogames 2009. What you may not have heard, is that it’s being organized by a very sexy Yeti of a man named Andrew Alter (yours truely). My boss was bored today and decided to stop by my desk to see exactly what he pays me for, so we shot a quick video of the aforementioned Yeti explaining a bit about the Mech Wars competition and a Mech being built and sponsored by Trossen Robotics. “The Trossenator” is a Mech that can be piloted by members of the Trossen Robotics Community who are attending Robogames 2009, but do not have a Mech of their own to compete with. Think of it as a perk for those who help keep our community growing and always interesting.

For more information on the Mech Wars competition at Robogames 2009 check out the official Mech Wars Forums hosted at the Trossen Robotics Community!