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RobotGeek Sensors and Boards Videos

Tuesday, June 25th, 2013

Not a huge deal, so no need to get hyper or anything. But we posted some new short videos on the Robot Geek Arduino-Compatible Sensors.

Some things that are cool about the Robot Geek Sensors are:

  • Simple normal 3 pin connectors! No fancy special cables needed to plug them in.
  • Standard hole patterns. Most of our sensors are on a 2 X 3cm pattern and anything that isn’t is still on a 1cm x 1cm grid. Logical right?
  • We go further! Need an LED board? You get a board with two connectors (horz & vert) and FIVE colors of LEDs. Not one soldered to the board. FIVE. We don’t know how you want to mount this thing or what color you may want. What if you change your mind too? Here, take five colors. Just don’t hurt us. Or yourself.
  • Cross compatible with all the other systems out there, Phidgets, Seeed Grove, Seeed Brick…

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New RobotGeek Voltage Dividers are in the Store!

Wednesday, August 8th, 2012

RobotGeek Voltage Divider

Developed in-house, the RobotGeek Voltage Divider is a great little board that will make it easy to connect analog sensors up to our Arduino. Just about any analog sensor, like out Force, pressure, and flex sensors can be used with the Voltage Divider.

The three pin voltage divider can easily connect directly to the arduino, or attached to a breakout shield. Your sensor can connect to the voltage divider using the 2-pin male header, or the screw terminals. Finally, the built in potentiometer will let you adjust the circuit’s sensitivity.

Check out the product page for a wiring diagram and PCB files.

New Flex Sensors and Power Converters

Tuesday, July 10th, 2012

We really love our Flex Sensors – just by bending the sensor, you can feed control data into your Arduino. In fact we love them so much, we’re adding 2.2 Inch Flex Sensors to our catalog as well. This sensor’s diminutive size makes it great for all sorts of small spaces and projects.

We know that power connectors can be a pain, especially when your in the prototyping phase. Loose wires and alligator clips can be messy and dangerous while soldering in power cables tethers your project to your power supply. Get the best of both worlds with the Power Converter 6 in 1 Pack. This pack has several DC power jacks that have screw terminals – making it easy to add them onto your project.

Meet the Newest Grove Modules!

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

We just added two new Grove Modules to our catalog that we’re really excited about. Both of them are compatible with our Desktop RoboTurret and they both have a lot of great applications.

One question we get alot about Grove products, is ‘Why do the connectors have 4 pins when most sensors only need 3 pins?”. Well the answer to that question is, “So that we can have products like the Grove – 4-Digit Display!” This sensor uses 2 pins to connect to the on-board TM1637 chip, which controls the 4 digits on the display module. With adjustable brightness and an easy to use software library, you’ll be adding 4 digit displays to your projects in no time!

The Grove – Slide Potentiometer is a compact sliding module that is easy interface with. This module can replace just about any Arduino compatible potentiometer, and is great for measuring linear movement, or just for adding some new controls to your next project. This module even has an LED that can be accessed from the extra Grove pin (we told you the 4 pin connector was handy!)

Go pick up a couple of the new modules, and make sure to show off your creations on the Trossen Robotics Community!