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TR TV Episode 5: Andrew Finally Cracks

Wednesday, November 14th, 2012

The latest episode of TRTV we take a look at Andrew’s new designer eyeware, and our newest line of robotic accessories. We’ve also got some footage of Erik reviving of our popular Scorpion Turret based Paintball Gun Sentry.

Ever wonder what world class robotisists eat to keep them going? Check out Matt and Andrews new diet, as well as the office’s new juicing habit.

And finally, for this episode’s namesake, Andrew Finally Cracks

InventGeek’s Paintball Turret = Awesome

Monday, March 2nd, 2009

Funny I found this, because I was just thinking that if (when) the Zombie Armageddon hits, I’d need to fortify my Costco fortress (find your own) with some automatic turrets capable of firing zombie repellent, and what better project to detail building exactly that? has painstakingly detailed all of their most excellent work that went into building this beauty, and while we have seen a paintball turret pop up over the years, none have even come close to such an elegant execution. Complete parts lists and even the ability to purchase the acrylic parts are available, so you too can build your very own “Zombie Repellent Paintball Turret” to fortify your “Post-Zombie Armageddon Costco Fortress” (dibs on the one by my office!).

Gepetto is on the TV!

Thursday, March 13th, 2008

Gepetto, one of the runners up in our last contest, got some airtime on G4 TV’s "Attack of the Show" this past Tuesday!  This bot has been generating quite a bit of buzz, which isn’t surprising.  It has style, good mechanical design, brains, and high-caliber weaponry.  Also, people just can’t resist videos of a robot attacking its creator (TR community member darkback2).  In the video, Gepetto is featured along with Plen and the CMU snake robot.


AotS Blog post

We don’t want to take too much credit here, but let’s not forget where we first saw Gepetto.  Right here, in the Trossen Robotics Community.  Booyah.