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New Robot Gearhead Motors

Wednesday, August 15th, 2012

Robot DC Gearhead Motor - 6v 180rpm w/ Encoder

The Trossen Engineering team goes through a lot of motors, so we have pretty high expectations of any motors we want to put in a robot. Well our new Robot DC Gearhead Motors w/ Encoder meet and blow past those expectations!

These motors are perfect for robots weighing 2-5 lbs, and the RPM allows them to pair perfectly with 3-4″ Wheels. Each of our motors have an integrated encoder to help calculate odometry data so these motors will help get your robotic rover up and running in no time!

Check out the video to see one of our test ‘bots zipping around the warehouse.

Banebots Hub & Wheel System

Tuesday, April 21st, 2009

While most participating in the robotic educational and combat competitions know the Banebots name rather well, we wanted to make sure that other roboticists out there knew how awesome their line of wheels are.

Finding the right wheels for a robot is often a difficult ordeal. Matching wheel size to hubs and motor shafts can take a lot of searching, custom machining, trial and error. Banebots has solved the problem with their modular hub and wheel system. With hubs fitting motor shafts from 2mm up to 1/2 inch and wheel diameters from 1-3/8” to 4-7/8 people can mix and match to get the perfect fit for their needs. The Banebots line also offers 3 levels of rubber hardness for each wheel.