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Autonomous Mech Warfare Robot Making Progress

Monday, November 23rd, 2009

Forum member Xdream is working hard towards not only creating a bipedal Mech Warfare entry, but making it completely autonomous… and so far, he’s made some pretty solid progress. Heck, it’s more accurate than my current remote control setup. Check for updates on his project in the Autonomous Mech Thread.

Also, for those looking for an inexpensive bipedal Mech Warfare platform, the BRAT based Mech project over at Lynxmotion is turning out to be quite promising, with complete build instructions and code available.

Phoenix 2.0 Software Released

Tuesday, November 17th, 2009

I’ll let Xan, the author of the code and fellow Phoenix collaborator, explain away:

The major changes in 2.0 are fixed point calculations to lower the cycle time.

Separate files to easy change remotes or hexapod settings. This will allow the user to simply add the correct remote file and hexapod file to adapt the code for different hardware without having to hack in to the core.

Single leg control to directly control one of the legs. This can be used with or withouth balance mode.

GP Player support. This allows the user to play sequences that are stored inside the SSC. This will need the current GP firmware for the SSC and a bi-directional connection between the BAP and SSC.

Here’s a full list of the new features:

;NEW IN V2.0
; – Moved to fixed point calculations
; – Inverted BodyRotX and BodyRotZ direction
; – Added deadzone for switching gaits
; – Added GP Player
; – SSC version check to enable/disable GP player
; – Controls changed, Check contol file for more information
; – Added separate files for control and configuration functions
; – Solved bug at turn-off sequence
; – Solved bug about legs beeing lift at small travelvalues in 4 steps tripod gait
; – Solved bug about body translate results in rotate when balance is on (Kåre)
; – Sequence for wave gait changed (Kåre)
; – Improved ATan2 function for IK (Kåre)
; – Added option to turn on/off eyes (leds)
; – Moving legs to init position improved
; – Using Indexed values for legs
; – Added single leg control

The software will be uploaded to my Project page.

Lynxmotion will also update the phoenix tutorial. This will include a link to the software as well. I’m sure they will notify us when the work is done.


And here’s a rather lengthy video demonstrating the new Phoenix code in action!

Lynxmotion Robot Project Contest!

Wednesday, March 11th, 2009
Our friends over at Lynxmotion are hosting their first ever Project Contest! Do you have an awesomely customized Johnny 5 kit you want to show off? How about a suped-up Phoenix? Head over to the Lynxmotion forums and submit a detailed write-up of your project, complete with pictures and videos for a chance to win some very generous gift cards. Here is the official posting:

We are happy to announce our first Robot Project Contest. People have been building awesome robots from our kits and parts for 15 years. We want to do a better job of recognizing and rewarding these efforts. The contest will have two categories.

The first category can be any project that is based on a Lynxmotion robot kit. This can be anything from a Robotic Arm or Rover to a Johnny 5 or 3DOF Hexapod. We’re looking for anything that has been added or modified to improve the aesthetics or the functionality of the robot. Your take on your favorite movie robot, or your version of a Mars Rover would be cool. Submitting a stock build is not likely to draw much attention.

The second category can be anything created with our Servo Erector Set series of brackets and components. For this category we are looking for something unique, interesting and different. It must use the SES components as the primary construction material.

The entries must be posted here in this section of the forum. Even if the robot has been posted in other sections of the website. The first post is the submission, so you should edit it to keep it up to date. The entry must have quality higher resolution images and clear video as a minimum. We will also require a full write up of the parts used, the problems solved, or the inspiration for the project, etc. We need details. At the time of this writing we do not have the ability to host the images or video. You will need to find a place to host them for now. You are encouraged to post what you have as soon as possible. You will have time to edit your post to fulfill the contest requirements as you require.

The contest time frame is three months, ending on May 31st. The awards are as follows:

Kit Robot Contest
1st Place = $350.00 gift certificate
2nd Place = $200.00 gift certificate
3rd Place = $100.00 gift certificate

SES Robot Contest
1st Place = $350.00 gift certificate
2nd Place = $200.00 gift certificate
3rd Place = $100.00 gift certificate

Our own custom Pico-ITX based Johnny 5 will be cheering from the sidelines! Go get em guys!