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Zombie Robots!

Wednesday, October 15th, 2008

You heard it here first! Rodger Cleye from our forums just posted his newest invention, Donna the Dead Bot. He built this using a motorized wheelchair base rigged with an R/C system, and adding some PVC pipe, a strobe light, and a glowing eye skull and some ghost-like apparel. Not only is this an awesome invention for scaring the candy out of kids trick-or-treating, it’s a solid example of ZombieTechâ„¢, which is the fusing of zombies and robots… which just so happens to be our only chance of survival if the Skynet and Zombie armageddons happen to occur simultaneously. Scaring kids and saving future lives, go Rodger!

How to scare kids on halloween the ‘techy’ way!

Wednesday, October 8th, 2008

Hiding behind bushes in a monster costume and jumping out to scare would be trick-or-treaters is sooo 1995. That and it can earn you a beat down from an unsuspecting parental guardian. Here’s a way to do it while you’re safely hiding within your house.

First, either purchase or build a scary pop-out halloween prop, screaming speaker, or flashing lights of your choice. Here’s a pretty fancy one made out of PVC and other various items:

Couple this with one of our simple Floor Mat Switches….

and you’ve got an automatic Halloween gag that is sure to make a few kids soil their costumes!