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Pi > Cake! 3pi Robot Starter Kits available now!

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2008

This robot is wicked cool. And tiny. And for a pile of PCB, wheels, LCDs, and various components, it’s pretty darned cute too. Our friends over at Pololu came up with the 3pi Robot, and the amount of features they packed into this tiny robot is truly amazing.

At only 3.7″ in diameter it moves at up to 3 feet per second, boasts an Atmega 168 C programmable microcontroller, 5 reflective sensors, an LCD screen, 2 precision gear head motors, push-buttons, a buzzer, and room for expansion using your own sensors! If you’re looking for a serious platform to get started in programming the very popular AVR’s from Atmel, this is the robot for you! Our starter kit comes with the 3pi Robot, an Orangutan USB AVR Programmer, and an mini USB cable- everything you need to get started.

Here’s an introduction video explaining how to get started using the 3pi Robot!

Custom C Library for Bioloid Released

Friday, December 19th, 2008

Matt and Stuart from the Robosavvy Forums have released a libavr/libbioloid C library for the CM5 controller, allowing you to program your CM-5 Bioloid Controller directly in C. It’s a work in progress still, but it’s always great to see grassroots projects like this come to life. Programming the CM-5 in C has been possible for some time, but it is somewhat of a convoluted process. The project creators are setting out to demystify the process as well as provide a working library of commands to make custom programming of the Bioloid that much easier. Great work guys! Can’t wait to see this project continue to mature!

The Bioloid continues to be a favorite among roboticists and universities alike, with it’s support community growing daily proving it to be an incredibly versatile research platform. Check out our Bioloid product page for more information!