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Intel Video Featuring the HR-OS1

Thursday, October 30th, 2014

intel video HR-os1

Check out this Intel video featuring the HR-OS1 Humanoid Endoskeleton and our Own Andrew Alter. Andrew talks about the different things that the HR-OS1 can do and how its designed to interact with the world.

PhantomX Hexapod Climbing Stairs?

Wednesday, October 29th, 2014

Hexapod Climbing Stairs

When we take one of our PhantomX Hexapods out for a walk, we almost always get the question ‘Can it go up stairs?’. Our normal response is ‘Nope!’. But it looks like Youtube user AndrewHumphries is working on that problem!

Check out this video of the Hexapod climbing stairs. The hexapod doesn’t move very quickly and needs a helping hand at the end, but it’s always fun to see what tasks our robots are up to.

You can see more videos of AndrewHumphries’s Hexapod in action here

WidowX Robot Arm Integrated Into Senior Design

Tuesday, October 21st, 2014

widowx arm

Check out this University of Pennsylvania Bioengineering Student’s Senior Design Project using the WidowX Robot Arm. The setup is a mock up as an Robotic Arm Device for Cerebral Palsy Users. The user presses a colored pad and the robot moves a small cube to the corresponding color pad.

This is a great demonstration of how the InterbotiX Robot Arms can be integrated into your own custom project.

3 Kids from the Bronx Help to Design Shells for the HR-OS1

Monday, October 20th, 2014

bronxnet video

The 21st Century Robot project wants to create ‘A Robot Built By All of Us”. One great example of this is a recent project built around the HR-OS1 Humanoid Endoskeleton. Intel chose 3 students from the Bronx to work with 3d Designers to create custom shells for the HR-OS1. The result are the three robots Jason, Callim and Ritz Bitz. Check out
this great video from BronxNet that shows off the robots and the kids that helped to design them. You can even catch a glimpse of the Trossen Team in action!

You can see more about the genesis of these robots on the 21st Century Robot Blog

493K Uses RobotGeek Relays for Rotational Molding Success!

Thursday, October 16th, 2014

rotational mold

493K has been working in the rotational molding industry since 2003. For a recent demonstration as the 2014 Rotoplas Exposition, 493K used several RobotGeek Relays mounted to a RobotGeek workbench. The RobotGeek system allowed 493K to quickly and easily prototype their system

Gareth McDowell of 493K said “Trossen Robotics helped make our K-KREATOR rotomoulding machine a success at the ARM show in Chicago; their valuable input and advice allowed us to demonstrate the full capacity of our kit. Thanks to Kyle for his energy and willingness to help”.

We look forward to working with 493K in the future!