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Trossen Robotics DIY Project Contest

Monday, August 30th, 2010
Time flies! It’s that time again to officially announce the next Trossen Robotics DIY Project Contest. We’ve had a ton of incredible entries in past contests. Because it’s been so long since our last contest, we’ve decided it was time to start showing off some of the work that has kept us so quite by giving away one of our very own Interbotix Hexapods!

The goal of our contests have always been to inspire technological creativity, innovation and ingenuity through these talented individual’s unique projects. We invite everyone to help spread the word about this contest announcement to help encourage others to show off their talent.

1st place

Retail: $1,299.00

InterbotiX PhantomX Hexapod

2nd place


Retail: $399.00

Headplay VR Goggles

3rd place


Retail: $150.00


Please visit our Project Contest Page to learn more about the contest, how to enter and for the official rules and guidelines.

Questions? Contact Us!

Like Us! Like Us!

Monday, August 30th, 2010

We are probably a bit behind on this one. We heard of this new site called Facebook and apparantly it is doing pretty well. So we made a Facebook page for TR. It has feeds from both our blog and forums and we will probably leak stuff over there from time to time just to see who is paying attention ūüėõ

“Like” us on Facebook and up your geek cred :)¬†


InterbotiX Robot Turrets

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

The Robot Turrets hath cometh! We’re proud to announce the first robot kits from InterbotiX Labs, a comprehensive line of high-end pan/tilt turrets. ¬†These high speed, high strength, and high performance robot turrets are built from your choice of¬†Robotis Dynamixel Servos, the ArbotiX Robocontroller, and custom lasercut ABS frame components. Just how high speed and high strength are they might you ask? Funny you should mention that! We have prepared these demonstration videos to showcase exactly that. While they lack any true¬†empirical¬†data, repeatability, verifiable results, control groups, or any¬†resemblance¬†to true scientific testing… they are definitely more fun to watch and also contain stuffed monkey abuse, so check em out! For those of you serious about your panning and your tilting!




The RFID Experimenters Kit is Here

Wednesday, July 21st, 2010


RFID is an exciting new technology that is finding its way into a variety of different industries; pet identification, keyless entry, hospitals, inventory management and tracking, tollway collections, security, data collection, wildlife tracking, and much more.

Beyond that, RFID is just plain cool and fun to play with. RFID has found its way into many DIY and interactive art projects over the last few years as people experiment with the possibilities of the technology. Now anyone can learn about RFID with this great RFID Experimenters kit.

This kit includes everything needed to get started:

  • RedBee RFID reader
  • RFID tag variety pack (13)
  • Project CD with 5 Projects
  • USB Cable

The projects disk comes with 5 great projects to do at home including RFID Login for your computer!

RFID-login-300The 5 Projects Include:

  • RFID Login (Windows 7)
  • RFID Deadbolt
  • RFID Safe
  • RFID Racers
  • RFID Logger (With database integration)


The RedBee RFID Reader is a ground breaking first in many areas. Capable of being used as a tethered device to a PC or microcontroller OR as a preprogrammed stand alone device it is the only hobby reader with both options. The RedBee also comes default with USB and TTL serial with the ability to add Xbee for wireless communication. Very cool!

Checkout the Huge feature list for the RedBee RFID Reader:

  • Supports all EM41xx family 125 kHz RFID tags
  • USB, XBee, and TTL Serial communication
  • Serial Communication Protocol and Shared Serial Devices Protocol (SSDP)
  • .NET programming API
  • Operates as a slave device to PC or microcontroller
  • Onboard programmable microcontroller
  • Xbee point to point
  • Xbee Mesh networking
  • 3 power input options (Barrel Connector, USB, or Vcc)
  • 4 Configurable I/O pins
  • Valid/Invalid Tag LED
  • Xbee Comm LED

Super Duper Mega Ginormous Arduino Section of Goodies!

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

The open source concept behind Arduino has been a huge winner in the DIY & hobbyist community. It is the little microcontroller that spawned ten thousand projects and it won our hearts over long ago. Seeing people innovate and create wild, fun, artistic, creative, inspired projects is what we live for here. We set out to create a resource for the ever growing community of Arduino users and filled it with all the goodies we could find. So…

Say hello to our new Ginormous Arduino Robotics Division.  When we do things here at Trossen Robotics we tend to do them over the top. It is probably because we are still yearning for love and acceptance deep down inside. Blame our parents. Rare float switches, Keychain Remote Switches, and a Huge Red Fire-All-Missiles-Button are just some of the cool things you will find in here.

To prove the point about the size of new division we decided to post the absurdly long JPG snapshot of the main section after the jump. Just look at it!  *The voices of angels may be heard

Dynamixel Servos Are In :)

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

The Mother Load of Dynamixels. Just look at them!

The Mother Load of Dynamixels. Just look at them!

The Dynamixel servos have been hard to keep in stock. They just keep flying off the shelves. This is what happens when you can build amazingly cool stuff with parts. We have bumped up our stock to meet demand and wanted to let everyone know that they are all in again. Ex-106+ / RX-64 / RX-28

Don’t forget to check out our Brackets page as well which allow the serious robotics developer to build just about any kind of robot imaginable. You can buy a whole robot leg if your wallet is deep enough :O You saw Skynet here first!

Announcing Trossen Robotics’ Spring Cleaning Garage Sale!

Thursday, March 4th, 2010


It’s that time of year again! We’ve gone through the piles of various robot parts accumulated over the last year as well as products we’re moving out of our catalog to make room for new stuff, and discounted it heavily! Builders, Tinkerers, and Deal-Hunters rejoice, we’ve cut prices to move this stuff out the door quickly. Quantities are limited and if this sale is anything like last year, it will go quick, so don’t wait long. Everything from servos to beginner robot kits to wheels to chargers to batteries and much, much more! Stop by and check out all the savings for yourself in our Garage Sale section!

– The Trossen Robotics Team

Brackets and Dynamixels and Bioloids Oh My!

Friday, February 12th, 2010

We’ve been a bit quiet around here lately, mostly because we have our heads buried and are hard at work at bringing you guys some awesome new robotics products and kits! Wanted to take some time to showcase a new reworked section of our site that helps builders like you build your robots easier. Our Robot Servos & Brackets section has been completely revamped, pairing up the servos with compatible brackets and frames (tons of new varieties have been added, as well as more to come).

The Robotis Dynamixel Servos section should be of particular intrest, as we now stock individual Bioloid Frames as well as every type of DX/RX/EX Series Brackets and Frames.

Even our Hobby Servos section got a revamp, now offering Micro, Standard, and Giant Scale PWM Hobby Servos and compatible brackets!

We also started rounding up some cool user projects to demonstrate what can be done with these awesome actuators, which can be found on various related product pages. Here are a few examples!

Trossen Robotics Announces the Grand Opening of New Sister Store

Monday, February 1st, 2010


Assimilate them early! Corrupt their minds before they have a chance to live a life free from fascination with robots. Yes, we are talking about our youth. We must teach them to master the machines to avoid enslavement in the future!

Trossen Robotics has been filling the professional hobby robotics niche for half a decade now. We’ve all seen the crazy projects mentally unstable adults have been creating over there, but now it’s time to help pass the torch. The droids at Trossen Robotics are happy to announce the Grand Opening of their new sister store for the youngins,

To celebrate the opening of the store sure to be the favorite of baby John (and Sarah) Conners everywhere we are giving away a free robot to the first 50 orders! In reality these are spybots that we plan to put into every home as part of a secret government program, but for now you can have one free. Isn’t that exciting!? aims to be the number one place to find all your robotics kits, toys, and decor for that budding roboticist in your family. Robotics is a great way to spark an early interest with children in mathematics, engineering, and the sciences. There is nothing quite like building your first interactive creation and watching it come to life to kickoff a lifelong fascination of discovery and invention. Just be careful with how much time they spend behind closed doors or you just might come home to find this thing “negotiating” allowance increases with you.

As always, Thank you for being a customer and blog reader!

– The Trossen Robotics Team

MINI Robocontroller now available!

Tuesday, January 12th, 2010

Yet another great microcontroller from our friends over at Vanadium Labs; the MINI Robocontroller is now available for sale!

This is an extremely versatile Arduino-software compatible microcontroller that packs a lot of features in a very small footprint. It is also the board used for the target/scoring system in the Mech Warfare robotics competition. Read more below:

The MINI robocontroller is designed for small robots. It incorporates a powerful AVR microcontroller, XBEE wireless radio, dual motor drivers, and 3-pin servo-style headers for IO.

The board includes all circuitry needed to control a small differential drive robot. It can also easily control up to 4 servos.

See the user manual here.

RoboController Specifications

  • 16MHz AVR microcontroller (ATMEGA168).
  • 20 I/O, 6 of which can function as analog inputs
  • Servo style 3-pin headers (gnd, vcc, signal) on all 6 analog inputs, and 4 of the digital IO
  • Dual 1A motor drivers, with combined motor/encoder header.
  • XBEE radio sold separately. A typical setup will require 2 XBEE radios and an XBEE explorer to be able to wirelessly control your robot from your computer.
  • This board requires either an FTDI cable or ISP. We recommend the Sparkfun FTDI breakout.
  • 2.4‚ÄĚx2.4‚ÄĚ with mounting holes in each corner.