Equipment Custody Agreement

Units must update the dataset in FABweb of all devices loaned for a period of one year or more, by typing an off-campus location code, a conditional code of “E” (loaned to the faculty/collaborator/student) and the UIN of the person holding custody of the object in the deposit field. Add the actual location to the end of the existing description. Units can document and approve equipment credits in the following ways. It is the responsibility of the head of department to authorize any loan of equipment to or the division and to inform the equipment management. Equipment custodians are assigned by the services and are responsible for providing up-to-date equipment information, including its physical location, retention code, disposal and sale. Units can lend equipment to teachers, employees, or students to support the mission of the University of Illinois system. The faculties, staff or students to whom the equipment has been loaned are responsible for the safe conservation. The head of department retains responsibility for the borrowed equipment. I understand that this equipment is the property of the company and that I use it for work-related purposes. I understand that I am responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the equipment. If, in any case, the device is damaged, lost, stolen while it is outside the offices, I am responsible for the replacement costs. In case the equipment breaks due to wear, I will have it inspected as soon as possible with the company`s technical service. Units may choose to lend equipment to teachers and staff or students to support the mission of the system.

A workers` equipment agreement is an agreement between the employer and the worker, under which the employer allows a worker to use his or her facilities to properly fulfill his or her work obligations. This agreement describes the general obligations and responsibilities of the employee for the management and maintenance of the equipment, as well as the broken down details of the equipment, such as the model and brands of the equipment, the serial number, among others. This agreement also helps manage the employer`s equipment inventory to determine who among its employees is in possession of the equipment. Note: Staff equipment that is brought to campus does not constitute a loan. If a university staff member holds personal equipment on campus, this should be recorded in the department records. It is not registered in BETS and the university is not responsible for the loss or deterioration of personal equipment. Note: Devices that are in the custody and custody of the university, but are not the property of the university, cannot be loaned without the specific written permission of the holder of the title. The directive is the same as that for the loan of university equipment to an external organization or an individual (above), with the following addition: the head of department must obtain the authorization of the holder of the title and transmit it to the equipment management for prior authorization. Additional resources of interest to equipment custodians include: I understand that once my job is over, I will hand over the equipment and return it to the company. I have the option to buy the equipment from the company.

In the absence of notification, the company has the right to withhold my final salary until the return of the equipment or until the notification. Hardware for which a unit is listed as a responsible organization in Banner Fixed Assets and is subject to the State of Illinois. At the discretion of the unit, devices not listed in Banner Fixed Assets may be included in the documentation required as part of the device loan process. Unit-designed sign-out sheet (loan of less than one year) The signal sheet must contain; the name of the borrower, the signature or confirmation of the borrower, a description of the equipment, the ownership control number (day P) (or serial number if not registered in bannerd assets), the date of the loan and the date of return. . . .

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