Av Hire Agreement

12.1 If the customer wishes to abandon production at any time, the customer may immediately terminate the contract by written notification to the company, following which 9. Local licenses: the tenant is solely responsible for obtaining licenses, qualifications or other powers that may be necessary for the safe and legal operation of the rented goods, and undertakes to: comply with all legal guidelines relating to the installation and operation of the goods. 7.2. You may not sell, transfer, rent, lend, or transfer the Equipment to any other person, or part with it, share ownership of the Equipment or do anything that could harm EVENT EQUIPMENT`s interest in the Equipment. 1.2 It is agreed, in the sole interest of the Company, that all proceedings arising out of or related to this Agreement may be brought before any court of competent jurisdiction in London. (ii) If the customer does not denies his own insurance, the customer must inform the company before the rented equipment leaves the company`s premises and the company will take out insurance on behalf of the customer, the full conditions of the coverage provided and the terms of the policy will be provided by the company at the customer`s request. It should be noted that the customer is required to pay the first £1000.00. for losses and that the customer is liable in addition to additional rental costs and any risks of loss or damage (including war risks. B) without restriction, in accordance with these conditions.

The company collects from the customer a fee relating to such insurance. The customer undertakes not to do anything or not to do anything, which would have the effect of invalidating such insurance. 4.2. Transport of equipment more than 5 miles from our address. All devices must be delivered/picked up and picked up/returned at the end of the rental period. “Equipment” – all equipment and/or services accepted by the renter together with all other goods and/or services, whether specified or implicitly or not. 19. English jurisdiction: All agreements, contracts and transactions entered into with Eventech UK are bound by and subject to English law. This document replaces all prior rental conditions. Many companies and employees work in a union. If you hire union staff for your event and there is a union strike, will you be reimbursed for the crew? You should also identify other penalties for working with non-unionized crews if you have previously booked with a union team (this is a no). Have you ever heard of people renting equipment they have rented to reduce the total cost of renting? If so, they break that part of the agreement.

This section is often included in AV agreements and expressly states that you cannot rent the equipment in the agreement without their consent. One example is an event organizer who rented equipment from an AV company. It turns out that the event took place on Super Bowl weekend. The event planner thought it was a great idea to throw a Super Bowl party with the equipment, because he already had the equipment. To do this, he had to apply to av for permission. If he had not obtained his agreement, he could encounter serious legal difficulties. 4.1. Equipment (except indicated in the rental agreement) 1. Eventech UK is committed to providing you with the equipment and rigging described in the rental agreement for the rental period.

It is a flexible and adaptable agreement that is suitable for renting many technical and semi-technical products to companies. Use a business model in which the tenant signs in your store or upon delivery by you to their website. Many event-AVs list systems, but do not contain specific devices in the system….

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