Almarm Learning Agreement

How long does it take to obtain and approve LA? The mobility agreement must be uploaded to the AlmaRM tool after the approval of the learning agreement by the Degree Program Board and before leaving the host university 15 CHANGES TO THE LEARNING AGREEMENT Before submitting the modification of the learning agreement on almaRM, it is recommended to approve it in advance by the host university and the enno-lecturer. As a general rule, changes must be submitted within five weeks of the start of courses at the foreign site, so it is the student`s responsibility to check the location of the foreign event after the deadlines have expired. Up to two changes can be made, usually one per semester. The amendment must always be submitted on almaRM and the program sends the student, within two weeks of the submission of the application, feedback for approval and a copy of the signed amendment. School of Economics Management and Statistics – Forlì campus – University of Bologna International Office: /27 – 25 How to pass the LA You must enter your activities in different correspondence groups using the lower aggiungi group (not in a single list of tests); If you select “Studio” (this option is selected by default), at the bottom of the page appear some fields in which you can enter the learning activities you want to perform abroad and also indicate compliance with the Unibo learning activities that are recognized. If you intend to do a curricular internship, select “Studio” and then select the internship activity in your program of study. When you select “Tesi” (thesis), a field appears in which you must enter the title of your thesis. In this case, you should also write a brief summary of the graduation thesis and the name of the Unibo supervisor. Do I have to wait until the LA procedure on AlamRM is complete before sending my application to the host university? No, you can submit to the host university a learning agreement signed by the academic coordinator. 44 Assisted contribution Non-EU countries For mobility in third countries, the aid consists entirely of the EU contribution and is distributed as follows: cost-of-living contribution: €650 per month for all non-EU countries Contribution to travel costs: as explained in the call for tenders for non-EU countries, the execution period must be between January 2017 and 31 July 2017.

The amount is calculated according to the actual number of days spent at the partner university and is released only after the recognition of at least one learning activity by the study council (studies, internships, establishment of the final thesis), regardless of the amount of benefits obtained. If no activity abroad is recognized by the Home University, the student must return the contribution. 5 HOW DO YOU COMPILE THE A.A. ? The learning agreement must be completed online via AlmaRM The student must then log in to the system with his registration information and indicate for each group: “Foreign activities” on the left: exams, It is important to create several correspondence groups (with the “Add Group” button) on the right to “identify activities” on the right, the courses of the curriculum whose recognition is requested, it is important to create several correspondence groups (with the “Add Group” button) in order to highlight the similarities between the exams to be taken abroad and the activities whose recognition is necessary. School of Economics Management and Statistics – Forli campus – University of Bologna International Office: /27 – Who supports the apprenticeship agreement? The international relations office responsible for your field of study. The board of directors of your course is responsible for both the approval of your learning agreement and the credit recognition procedure. . . .

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