Junkbot Competition Winners!

First Place:

All the submissions to the junkbot competition were great, and we hope everyone had fun doing it! Our first place winner was Enigmatic Electronics with the Robot Grumpy Cat! We really loved this guy, and we’re likely to use it as inspiration in some RobotGeek projects. Watch the video, they put a lot of effort into it! They even did an unboxing video of the super mysterious robotics grab bag. It paid off doing it for the meme, so keep up the good work guys!


Now we know we said there would be one winner, but we were torn because all of the submissions were so great. We had to pick out a runner-up because we just loved watching solenoids pop ping pong balls in every direction! Joesinstructables made not one, but two projects that include full instruction! The Arduino Ping Pong Ball Cannon fires ping pong balls in all directions (and we want one for the office), and the Arduino Ping Pong Pinball machine looks like a lot of fun!

Congrats, guys! Each of you will be receiving a $200.00 gift certificate to Trossen Robotics!

Thank you to all the participants, we’ll be doing more competitions soon!

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