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Super Mysterious Robotics Grab Bag and Junkbot Competition!

Monday, August 22nd, 2016


The Super Mysterious Robotics Grab Bag is a way for us to clean house and say thank you to our customers. Sometimes we end up with a surplus of parts that we just don’t know what to do with, so now we’re giving it away on the cheap! The Super Mysterious Robotics Grab Bag always comes with a large workbench, duino mount, RobotGeek LED Driver, RobotGeek Rotation Knob, RobotGeek Pushbutton, RobotGeek Sensor Shield, and the hardware you’ll need to mount it. What else is in the box? Everything from that point is a mystery. You’ll get well over $150 (retail) worth of robot parts to kick your creative processes into high gear!

Junkbot Competition:

We wanted to do something fun with this, so we’re going to have a junkbot competition! Winner takes a $200 Trossen Robotics Gift Card, and all the glory of having made a cute/funny/cool robot using a randomized selection of parts!

How to enter:

  • Purchase the Super Mysterious Robotics Grab Bag, and keep your order number
  • Build a robot that makes use of the parts in the Grab Bag
  • Put a video, pictures, blog post, or any other media you can think of that displays the best qualities of your robot online and send us a link at [email protected] with the subject line “Junkbot Competition”


  • A winner will be selected on September 26, so have your bot made and shared with us by then.
  • Winner will receive notification of their win, a $200 Trossen Robotics Gift Card, and a blog post showing off their creation!

New Kits, Microcontrollers, and Sensors from DFRobot!

Tuesday, August 9th, 2016

New in stock, we have Kits, Microcontrollers, and Sensors from DFRobot! Let’s take a quick look!

Turtle Chassis Arduino Starter Kit

The Turtle Mobile Platform is a low cost robotic chassis just waiting for you to add a microcontroller and sensors! If you’re looking for a kit that will guide you through the first steps of physical computing, the DFRobot Beginner Arduino Kit has you covered!

Romeo V2 Bluno 2A Motor Shield

We now carry two new microcontrollers, the Romeo V2 and the Bluno! The Romeo V2 has sensor pin breakouts onboard allowing you to easily add DFRobot and RobotGeek Sensors, as well as a motor driver built in! The Bluno works as would be expected of a standard Arduino UNO, however, it packs built in Bluetooth!

Fingerprint Scanner OLED UART Temperature and Humidity Sensor

We have a ton of new sensors for you to check out, so make sure to take a look!

Reactor Arm Smiley!

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2016

Jeff Owrey of IntraVisions programmed a Reactor Arm to paint a smiley! This is a fun little project that demonstrates just a fraction of what you can do with a robot arm! There are a few really awesome projects on that you should check out after the video, such as the DIY Weather Station, DIY Radiation Monitor, and a few Javascript games such as Conway’s Game of Life! We had fun poking around these projects, and we can’t wait to see what he comes up with next!