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New RobotGeek I/O Boards and Kits!

Wednesday, July 27th, 2016

We have 4 new RobotGeek I/O Boards, a new spin on an old knob, a bigger screen, and a cost effective kit for the classroom that you’ve just got to see!

rgTemp-aRobotGeek Temperature Sensor
rgRCA-aRobotGeek RCA Board
RGirTrans-aRobotGeek IR Transmitter
RGirRec-aRobotGeek IR Receiver

Want to make your project kick into gear when life turns up the heat? The RobotGeek Temperature Sensor can feel its way through! With the 3-pin Sensor Cable standard, you can easily connect this to your project and start reading the temperature! Use it to activate your air conditioner, control the temperature in a cold frame, log the temperature of a greenhouse, or to monitor the temperature of a pie on the windowsill! The options are limitless and the temperature is accounted for.

Wish you could display visual elements of your project on a standard television? Unleash your vision on the screen with the RobotGeek RCA Board! This board will allow you to hook your Arduino up to any screen with a standard RCA Jack! With another board, you can output video and sound. This is a slick way to show off sensor readings, and can even be used to make rudimentary game consoles!

Want your next project to send a clear signal? The RobotGeek IR Transmitter can send data to various devices in your sights! Use it to control your TV, or send signals to another ~duino outfitted with a RobotGeek IR Receiver!

Want a simple untethered control solution for your next project? The RobotGeek IR Receiver has you in its line of sight! This infrared receiver will pick up signal from any remote that sends an infrared signal, or can receive from another ~duino sending signals with the RobotGeek IR Transmitter!



Want to make a dial that clearly displays the setting of a knob, like in fancy car stereos and sequencers? The RobotGeek Rotation Knob with Neopixel Ring Display is here for you! With a bright and clear 12 RGB LED NeoPixel ring nicely mounted with a RobotGeek Rotation Knob in the center, there are a ton of ways to enhance your next project! The mount is matched with the centimeter grid pattern, compatible with All RobotGeek Workbenches.


The RobotGeek 4 Line LCD w/ Mount is a perfect screen for your next project! With twice the space of the original RobotGeek LCD, you can easily display scrolling lists, paragraphs of text, or even make a tile-based game! The display can be easily mounted to projects and Workbenches. The bottom has the standard RobotGeek 1cm X 1cm grid making all RobotGeek products compatible with each other.



The RobotGeek Classroom Experimenter’s Kit offers the widest range of arduino learning flexibility with the lowest barrier to entry to date! This kit is designed to move students entirely through the first 7 Chapters of RobotGeek 101, which covers the basics of building, wiring, and coding in an arduino environment! This is a fantastic way to get started, learning about things like Serial Communication, Digital I/O, Analog Input, PWM, and Servo Control.


Tuesday, July 26th, 2016

The Tangible Media Group at MIT Media Lab has come up with a novel and interesting interactive robotic interface called LineFORM. The project, consisting of a series of servos and some well considered firmware, was designed as an exploration of the utilization of a line as an interactive device. The line changes form to either act as an input device, to represent some form of data, or act as an intelligent appliance. This design is deceptively simple, allowing many complex interactions. Check out the video and think about what you could do with a series of Dynamixels!