HR-OS1 Humanoid Endoskeleton Shipping Has Begun!

HROS-1 Staging

We’re happy to let you know that we’ve shipped out the first 15 HR-OS1 kits! If you’re one of the people who we’ve shipped to you should receive an e-mail with your tracking number shortly. We are on track to have the next 20 kits shipped out by the end of the week. The last 15 kits will be shipped out early / mid next week.

Documentation and Videos

You can find the home-base for all of our documentation on our HR-OS1 Humanoid Overview Page. Over the next few weeks the documentation structure will be changing, but the overview page will always be the place to go of the latest information on the HR-OS1.

Currently the majority of the getting started guides reside on our Github Wiki though much of that information will be migrating to the site. We’ve set up several guides for connecting to and using the HR-OS1 and several videos to help you with your build.

We encourage beta testers to give us feedback on the documentation, whether you’ve found typos / small errors, or larger inaccuracies and problems. Smaller errors/typos can be reported to [email protected] while larger errors should be posted to the HR-OS1 Sub-Forum.

HR-OS1 Sub-Forum


We’ve set up a sub-forum on the Trossen Robotics Community Forum just for the HR-OS1. We’re encouraging that beta testers use this forum to show of their kits, discuss the HR-OS1 and ask any questions they may have about the HR-OS1 hardware and software. We will be monitoring the sub-forum, so this is the best place to get support for the HR-OS1.

If you don’t have a TRC account already, you can register one for free. Once you’ve registered, please e-mail [email protected] so that we can upgrade your account for immediate posting and with HR-OS1 flair.


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