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Fermilab’s Electromagnet Passes by Trossen Robotics HQ Tonight!

Wednesday, July 24th, 2013

Fermilab ring

For the last month, the Trossen Team has been following the journey of Fermilab’s 50-foot-wide electromagnet. The electromagnet boarded a barge in Brookhaven new York on June 22nd, then slowly made it’s way down the coast, into the gulf of Mexico, up the Mississippi and Illinois Rivers, and finally landed in Lemont Illinois. This entire week the Fermilab Team/Authorities have been closing down roadways at night to let the massive magnet pass. Well tonight, the magnet will pass right next to our offices! We’re getting ready to have a roof party and greet the ring in style.

The ring is currently residing at a parking lot about 6 miles away from our office. They’re planning on moving the ring at about 11:30, so we’re hoping to catch a glimpse of it sometime around midnight. We’ll keep you posted with video and photos as it passes by.