New MX ScorpionX and WidowX Robot Turrets!

widowx Robot Turret

We’ve just updated our WidowX and ScorpionX Robot Turret from the DYNAMIXEL RX line to the new MX line. These new servos have almost 4 times the resolution of their predecessors! That’s .088° resolution! These turrets have silky smooth movement and still sport impressive torque. And because the new MX servos have a full 360 rotation you get more pan coverage than ever before!

Since all our turrets are built with the Arduino compatible Arbotix Robocontroller, you can leverage the power of the Arduino environment to customize your turret. You can control the turret using a PC, a XBee device (like the Arbotix Commander), or even make it fully autonomous! And because these servos run at 12v and use a 3-pin TTL connection, they’re fully compatible with AX-12 and AX-18, making expanding your turret even easier.

These turrets are perfect for projects ranging from photography to Paintball Turrets and more! With our open source software, the sky is the limit!

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