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Wednesday, October 17th, 2012

Check out even more information on the DYNAMIXEL PRO line!

Last week ROBOTIS gave us a sneak peak of their new DYNAMIXEL PROline, and this week they’ve given us some solid specs on these awesome new actuators. This spec page has almost everything you need to know about the three new servos as well as PDF dimensional drawings. Here’s some of the highlights:

Servo H42-20-S H54-100-S H54-100-S
Torque 5.596 Nm/57kg-cm 21.142Nm/215.58kg-cm 39.131Nm/399kg-cm
Output Power 23.64 W 144.58W 262.66W
Resolution 304,000 Step/turn 502,000 Step/turn 502,000 Step/turn
Dimensions 42 x 42 x 84mm 54 x 54 x 108mm 54 x 54 x 126mm

You read right, 399kg-cm! That’s almost 4 times the torque of an EX-106!

Some other features of the servos include:

– 1,000 pulse incremental encoder before gear reduction
– 4,096 step absolute encoder after gear reduction
– Electrical current sensing based control
– Internal temperature sensing
– Position-based command
– Torque-based command
– Speed-based command
– Cycloid type detachable reduction gear (Straight, Right Angle, Belt)
– Various communication physical layer (RS-485, CAN, TTL, Ethercat)
– Various optional frames

We know what’s on our wishlist for 2013, the DYNAMIXEL PROs!