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Trossen Robotics Shop Talk

Monday, October 15th, 2012

We’re constantly talking about new technologies, products and media that relate to robotics. Now, we’ve decided to let you in on the conversation, and to take a peek at the things that are piquing our interest.

In this episode of Trossen Robotics Shop Talk, we focused on the amazing Raspberry Pi, and the evolution of embedded computers. The recent progress from the larger SBCs to the smaller boards that are blurring the line between linux computers and microcontrollers has opened up whole new worlds to professional and hobby roboticists. . The effect that these smaller computers have on projects is evident in some of Matt’s early Robot Prototypes, as he shares in the video.

Andrew gave a shout-out to the Reddit Robotics Community and the Arduino Community , two great places to learn new things about the Robotics and Arduino World. Kyle mentioned the newly revamped Trossen Robotics Community and the return of the TRC Contest. Matt told us that ServoCity has a great library of parts from gears and pulleys to rods and gearboxes.

We shared some of our favorite new products, including our new 3-Axis Joystick and 2-axis joystick and the Seeed Motor Shield.We also showed off some of our new products including our RobotGeek Voltage Dividers and our own Squid Cables. We also took a look at our 6v Gearhead Robot Motor and our awesome new Budget Bot Chassis. Finally we talked about our great new PhantomX Pincher Robot Arm and PhantomX Reactor Arm.

At the end of our show, we watched some of our favorite “Terrible” Robot Movies. Andrew reminisced with the robot that got him into mechs, Robot Jox and Matt subjected us to the bizarre Demon Seed.