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Trossen Robotics DIY Contest Returns!

Thursday, September 27th, 2012

We know you’ve missed the TRC contest, so we’re bringing it back! And this time you can win one of our new Reactor or Pincher arms! Just submit a project to get entered into the contest! Entries will be judged on Ingenuity, Originality, and Presentation, so be sure to make those project pages shine! Check out all of the rules here.

TRTV Episode 4 : The Evolution of a Product

Wednesday, September 19th, 2012

The latest episode of TRTV follows the design and production process of our new robotic arm, the PhantomX Reactor. This behind the scenes look will show you everything from our initial design considerations and manufacturing problems to our test code and info on our inverse kinematics engine.

New TRC Features !

Tuesday, September 18th, 2012

TRC Header We’ve just finished a round of updates at the Trossen Robotics Community to make it even better!

Robot Projects

Have you ever wanted one place to post all of the info on your Projects in one centralized place? Well with the new Robot Projects Page you’ll have just that! Add information about your project, as well as links to your forum/gallery posts related to your project. To celebrate the tool’s launch, we’re giving the first 50 individuals who upload a Project a $10 Trossen Robotics Gift Certificate!

Community Videos

We’ve added a new Community Video Tool so that you can add and show off your favorite videos. Just upload your video to your favorite video hosting service, and put the URL into our tool. The video will be added to the main repository of videos, as well as your profile page.

TR Videos

The Trossen Team has a huge library of videos ranging from Great Tutorial Videos to our new TRTV series. Now its easier than ever to browse our videos, just check out the new TR Videos page.

TRTV Episode 3: Everyone’s a Smartass

Friday, September 14th, 2012

Life can’t always be glitter and robots – there’s a lot more that goes on here at Trossen Robotics. Get some insight into our shipping process, our quality tripods, our fine music choices and our new prototype camera dolly systems in our latest video.

Check out our new PhantomX Robotic Arms!

Thursday, September 13th, 2012

PhantomX Reactor ArmThe Arms are done!

We’re proud to unveil our new arms, the PhantomX Reactor Robot Arm and its little brother the PhantomX Pincher Robot Arm. These arms are based around the Dynamixel AX-12 Robot Servos and are controlled with the Arbotix RoboController, so you have an amazing amount of control over these arms. The Reactor Arm also has a ‘Wrist Rotate’ option, to add another level of functionality to your arm.

Stay tuned for more videos about the design of this arm, as well as examples of all of the amazing things it can do.

PhantomX Hexapod at Robo-One in Japan!

Thursday, September 6th, 2012

Robot Dreams has been covering the Robo-One competition in Japan and just posted this video of one of our PhantomX Hexapods in a qualifying round for the 4.5 meter dash. It’s always awesome to see our crawlers traversing the globe, and soon enough there will be a PhantomX Hexapod in every city, in every country. Not that we’re planning a hexapod uprising or anything. Definitely not.

FIXBOT to the Rescue!

Tuesday, September 4th, 2012

Everyone needs a purpose. Some teach, some build – and some fix. Check out this video featuring the adorable FIXBOT using Sugru to fix all sorts of things. Sugru is a great little mold-able rubber that can be used to fix and make all sorts of things.

Via Boing Boing