Announcing the Desktop RoboTurret v2!

It’s been a long time coming, but we’re finally happy to officially announce the new Desktop RoboTurret! The Desktop RoboTurret v2 is a customizable, Arduino compatible, robotics platform. It’s great for learning about the Arduino environment, as well as deploying your own projects. You’ll be able to control your kit right away with the Wii Nunchuk controller included in the kit – you can control your turret via joystick or motion controls. You can even use the controller to activate the RoboTurret’s built in laser!

Once you’ve built your RoboTurret and have it up and running, you can start customizing your turret. The kit comes with a sensor shield, so it’s easy to connect a wide variety of our sensors and outputs to your turret. We’ve also made all of the Arduino code available, so that you can build on an adapt our code to your own needs.

In addition to the basic Desktop RoboTurret, we also have a version with the Vision Tracking Starter Kit. This kit comes with a webcam as well as a copy of RoboRealm software. With the Vision Tracking Starter Kit you can turn your turret into a color tracking machine. The turret’s default behavior will allow it to track any red colored objects, but once you start customizing with RoboRelams, you can track different colors, motion, and more!

We’ve got some killer ideas about projects we can build with the Desktop RoboTurret, but what about you? We want to see what you can do with this platform and push it to its limit!

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