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Desktop RoboTurret in Action!

Friday, June 29th, 2012

The new Desktop RoboTurret does it all – from defending you against other robots to following you as a faithful servant, the RoboTurret is pretty versatile. But what else can it do? Well, tune in to see some of its amazing feats, incredibly caught on camera…until it saw us!

Summer Sale on ArbotiX RoboControllers, Commanders, and Kits!

Thursday, June 28th, 2012

The ArboriX Robocontroller is THE best way to interface with Dynamixel Servos.  It’s used in everything from robotic turrets to crawlers. Today, we’re slashing the price of this beloved micro-controller from $99.99 to $59.95! This also meams that the price on the ArbotiX Robocontroller Starter Kit will drop from $189 to $149.95!

We’re also lowering the price of the ArboiX Commander – an Arduino Compatible gamepad style controller. We’re dropping the price (previously $89.99) down to $59.95. The Commander communicates with the Robocontroller seamlessly via an XBee connection. But don’t think that the commander only works with the robocontroller – it in fact can control any XBee compatible system. The Commander has a wide variety of functions, and it’s designed to be customized so that you have perfect control over your project.

The great new prices on the Commmander and Robocontroller also mean that we’re lowering the prices some of our most popular kits. The PhantomX AX-12A Robot Turret  will be dropping from $249.95 to $199.95, and the AX-18F version will go from $349.95 to $309.95. The basic PhantomX Hexapod Kit without Servos and  the comprehensive PhantomX AX-12A Hexapod and  PhantomX AX-18F Hexapod kit sare all dropping $100 to $549.95, $1,199.95, and $2,149.95 respectively. We hope that these new low prices will get your robotic projects up and running even faster than before!

Mad Lab’s New Robotic Arm

Wednesday, June 27th, 2012

The dynamic duo from Mad Lab Industries are at it again! Don and Jason needed an automated system to load materials in and out of their laser CNC, so they decided to build a robotic arm! Naturally them came to us for the newest Dynamixel Servos to power their arm. For the wrist this arm uses the tried and true MX-28T servos as well as the AX-12A servos for the gripper. The main arm joints use the new MX-64T servos to operate. Finally, to rotate the base, this arm uses a beefy new MX-106T servo to.  The arm even has a custom cut control box for testing the arm and setting poses. Check out the video below for a demo of the arm’s movement.

Meet the Newest Grove Modules!

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

We just added two new Grove Modules to our catalog that we’re really excited about. Both of them are compatible with our Desktop RoboTurret and they both have a lot of great applications.

One question we get alot about Grove products, is ‘Why do the connectors have 4 pins when most sensors only need 3 pins?”. Well the answer to that question is, “So that we can have products like the Grove – 4-Digit Display!” This sensor uses 2 pins to connect to the on-board TM1637 chip, which controls the 4 digits on the display module. With adjustable brightness and an easy to use software library, you’ll be adding 4 digit displays to your projects in no time!

The Grove – Slide Potentiometer is a compact sliding module that is easy interface with. This module can replace just about any Arduino compatible potentiometer, and is great for measuring linear movement, or just for adding some new controls to your next project. This module even has an LED that can be accessed from the extra Grove pin (we told you the 4 pin connector was handy!)

Go pick up a couple of the new modules, and make sure to show off your creations on the Trossen Robotics Community!

Announcing the Desktop RoboTurret v2!

Monday, June 25th, 2012

It’s been a long time coming, but we’re finally happy to officially announce the new Desktop RoboTurret! The Desktop RoboTurret v2 is a customizable, Arduino compatible, robotics platform. It’s great for learning about the Arduino environment, as well as deploying your own projects. You’ll be able to control your kit right away with the Wii Nunchuk controller included in the kit – you can control your turret via joystick or motion controls. You can even use the controller to activate the RoboTurret’s built in laser!

Once you’ve built your RoboTurret and have it up and running, you can start customizing your turret. The kit comes with a sensor shield, so it’s easy to connect a wide variety of our sensors and outputs to your turret. We’ve also made all of the Arduino code available, so that you can build on an adapt our code to your own needs.

In addition to the basic Desktop RoboTurret, we also have a version with the Vision Tracking Starter Kit. This kit comes with a webcam as well as a copy of RoboRealm software. With the Vision Tracking Starter Kit you can turn your turret into a color tracking machine. The turret’s default behavior will allow it to track any red colored objects, but once you start customizing with RoboRelams, you can track different colors, motion, and more!

We’ve got some killer ideas about projects we can build with the Desktop RoboTurret, but what about you? We want to see what you can do with this platform and push it to its limit!

Mech Warfare Video on Discovery Canada

Friday, June 1st, 2012

Remember when Dicovery Canada came to shoot a video segment? Well here’s the video you’ve all been waiting for (Andrew’s segment starts at 7:15). We know what we think about the video…