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Discovery Canada Visits Trossen Robotics

Tuesday, May 8th, 2012

Yesterday, a camera crew for Discovery Canada stopped by Trossen Robotics to interview Andrew Alter and get some footage of his mech, Insanity Wolf. This footage, along with footage taken at RoboGames/ Mech Warfare 2012 will be part of a segment for Discovery’s Daily Planet show. The segment will be focusing on everything Mech Warfare.

Andrew gave the crew a tour of Trossen Robotics, showing off our Laser CNC, our robot army and the rest of our facilities. The crew was eager to get some great shots of Insanity Wolf, even putting themselves in the line of fire to land the perfect shot.

The segment will air later this month and it will be available online on Discovery Canada’s Website. We’ll keep you posted with a direct link as soon as its available.