Quadcopter Invades Trossen Robotics!

It’s just another day at the office here at Trossen Robotics. You know, the usual paperwork, service calls, order packing, and Awesome Quadcopter Demonstrations.

Don and Jason of Mad Lab Industries came by to show off their amazing Quadcopter. They gave us a great demo, and shared some of their stories about the ups and downs of working with aerial vehicles. One small glitch, and suddenly your vehcicle can drop out of the air, or fly head first into the nearest building, the duo told us.

Their Hoverfly based monster of a Quadcopter is a amazing piece of machinery. This beast can quickly zip to an fro or it can hover in a stationary spot, compensating and resisting for wind. In addition, this machine also has a servo positioned/controlled camera. Here’s a shot of our team marvelling in awe at the Quadcopter.

Flying robots might not actually be a part of daily life here (though someday, they will be) so it’s great to see what people like Jason and Don have built. We love to see these kinds of projects, so if you’ve got a great project, show off in the Project Showcase in the forums!

Thanks again to Don and Jason for bringing in their quadcopter.

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3 Responses to “Quadcopter Invades Trossen Robotics!”

  1. Ken Gracey says:

    Hey Matt, Don and Jason: way cool, thanks for sharing! Looks like you’re using the Hoverfly board (great choice). Do you have the GPS module on there for position hold?

  2. Jason Penick says:

    Hey Ken,

    No we currently do not have the GPS module as we are waiting on a firmware update from HoverFly for our Pro board to properly work with our selected ESC’s before we make additional purchases. The guys over there have been great (George and Ben) and have been working diligently on it for us. Once the firmware update is released we plan on making a very large purchase from them as we plan on releasing a finalized version on the Quad-copter we showed off here in KIT form.

    Thanks for the question Ken.

  3. […] is a some video footage they took of us flying up there, and a link to their blog post about us. Make sure to check out the rest of their site as well as they have A LOT of cool […]

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