We are Hiring! Job Title: Roboticist Apprentice Extraordinaire

ATTENTION: We actually have filled this position. We will announce the new team member soon. However, we very much encourage people who wanted to apply to this position to still say hello. We will be continuing to bring on new people as we grow. We always welcome good talent sending in their resumes with a cover letter letting us know a little bit about them. In fact, this is kinda how we do it. We like the organic approach and getting to know potential awesome peoples at any time. So saying hello before the next position is announced is a smart move.


We are looking to add a new member to the team. If you would love to get paid to build robots read on.

If you have a place to share this post, by all means, please do! Help us spread the word and help give someone their dream job.

Job Title:  Roboticist Apprentice Extraordinaire

Where? Chicago far west suburbs (Downers Grove, 60515) (With future relocation to Chicago)
How much? 25K to 35K depending on experience and fit
When? We hope to hire the right fit before end of February 2012
Relocate? We are happy to consider the right applicant from outside Chicagoland. We cannot cover all the relocation costs, but for the right rock star we will help out. Also, expect a trial work period before moving permanently to see if we like each other.

Trossen Robotics is looking to add another member to the team. The optimal applicant will be able to handle very very long hours, extremely sarcastic work environments, have a diverse skill set (IE: customer service skills are as good as engineering skills), readily tackle challenging projects, and be able to hold their own in Halo Firefight.

Was GLaDOS of little challenge to you? Do you have a lot of FINISHED electronics and/or mechanical projects that you built lying around your house? Can you be in the zone with Tool/Puscifer/NIN/Ministry/insert-other-awesome-industrial-genius-here blaring on the sound system? Did school bore you because your mind is so brilliant that you were smarter than all your teachers? How many things have you ripped apart, just because you just had to know how it ticked? Does your narwhal bacon at midnight? Are you willing to burn the midnight oil to get projects done? Not because you were told to, but because you can’t sleep until you see it working. Do you want to feel like the work you do is having an impact outside your cubical? Do you not want to work in a cubicle? Good, we don’t have them.

Not-the-most-fun-grunt-things-you-will-have-to-do-part-of-the-time-just-like-the-rest-of-the-team – Help in the warehouse, restock inventory, pack orders, help build kits and count things, process RMAs, answer the same question on the phone with a friendly voice 843 times a year, sing for superiors on command… okay not really.

Main-duties-we-need-lots-of-help-in-right-now – product entry, writing product pages, product photography, project/product videos, blogging, project write-ups, code examples, production runs on laser CNC machine (yes, you can wear a lab coat and be a REAL laser scientist), running community contests, participating in said community, build demo kits and robots, creating product manuals, customer service (talking to customers about robots, answering product related questions), tech support, and in general being an awesome team player.

The-awesome-stuff-you-can’t-believe-you-get-paid-to-do-that-you-will-get-to-do-if-you-get-your-daily-chores-done – assist in mechanical design and programming on robotics products and kits, create & build fun DIY projects and robots, be a part of the product development and prototyping discussion, build giant killer 6-legged robots armed with paintball guns (we’re already half-way there), come up with great ideas to generate PR and viral videos, and did we mention robots? You get to build robots. That is awesome, in case you were wondering.

You will probably be put through the ringer and made fun of a lot in your first six months, but the bright side is that then you will get to make fun of and ridicule the next person we hire. That is how it works. The other bright side is that you will get to be paid to build robots, learn engineering, programming, marketing, community building, laser science, warehouse management (Meaning putting stuff in boxes and closing them. With tape. Repeatedly.), and be proud to be a part of building a great new company.

Seriously, we rock and roll while we work, and we have a good time, BUT we have a very fast paced environment here and we all work very hard. We get a lot done fast because we love what we do and we want to be the best at it. We are very well known in the community and are expanding our offerings rapidly.

We really would like to find someone who is already familiar with the DIY Arduino community and has already done some Arduino projects, but we are flexible. If you don’t know Arduino, then you should at least know programming in C++, python, or processing etc. Must be self reliant and not only be able to do projects unsupervised, we expect you to come back with ideas on how to improve things. We expect the right candidate to be constantly learning and improving their own skill set. A large part of the job will be doing product page write ups, manuals, project write ups, etc. So you will need to know how to write very well and quickly about technical subjects. This is a deal breaker if you can’t. Please be ready to show us something that proves you can communicate in print.

Exact definition of the position is to be determined. We would rather find brilliant hard working innovators and mold the right position around them than to predefine something rigid. Please send resume with cover letter to [email protected]. Yes, we are serious about the cover letter. If you can’t take the time to write one and let us know this really hits your passion buttons, then you really shouldn’t be taking a shot at it. Plus, there was that whole thing above about the job being largely about writing stuff. We look forward to hearing from you!

The Trossen Robotics Team

Download the full job description here as PDF

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