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My Keepon says take me home!

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

Keepon bopped into our hearts in 2007 dancing to Spoon’s “I Keep My Camera On.” It was an instant love affair and everyone wanted him. Problem was, Keepon is a research bot and cost a wee bit too much. On April 1st 2009 we came out with what we thought was a much better and affordable version. (Video here.) But we must have missed the mark somehow because we didn’t sell any…

But now you can finally own an official Keepon called MyKeepon and preorders are already available.  The price has dropped a little from 30K to $50. So he might fit into a few more Christmas budgets this year.

Another great bonus is that sales of MyKeepon help to fund Autism research. For those of us who have a loved one with Autism that is great news. Read more about the original research here.