Which Dynamixels to use? An overview on size and strength.

Apologies for the empty post Friday.  I pulled it down. Or tried to anyway. Apparently posting a blog is more permanent than building pyramids. Video format converting sucks. It sucks worse than the worst sucky thing you can think of. Now that the audio isn’t 15 minutes off by the end of the video here you go :)


It is late Friday night so I don’t have anything really funny to intro this video with. I can’t be funny all the time for you people anyway. I’m not some kind of dancing clown. I have feelings too. So I’m just going to give it to you straight and you are just going to have to cope. Maybe I’ll come back and post after a few drinks. On second thought, that would be bad. I’ll be hiding my keyboard and mouse in the freezer now to avoid any mishaps. Someone text me in the morning where they are because I’m sure I’ll forget.

A New Informative Video! Yay. Andrew goes over the full line of Robotis Bioloid and Dynamixel servos. This video should help people understand the general strength and speed of each model to help make design decisions.

Products Shown in this video:
Full line of Bioloid and Dynamixel Servos
Robotis Humanoid Robots

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3 Responses to “Which Dynamixels to use? An overview on size and strength.”

  1. Erik says:

    Great video guys….

    I think it was Matt, I like how he left in the little clip at the end, of the first take mistake (18A/12A dispute). Was it on pupose?

  2. Matt says:

    Oh, yes :) Andrew is NEVER wrong. So I just thought I’d leave that little blooper at the end there 😀

  3. Erik says:

    Beautiful then!

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