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Community Member Jdoleki’s “Poor Man’s PR2”

Thursday, August 4th, 2011

Occasionally we have our TRC members that are either locals or happen to be passing through town drop by to pay us a visit. The first thing they usually comment on is what a pretty man I am. Then they notice how bald Matt is. And how hairy Alex is. Then they notice our awesome collection of robots. Sometimes though, they bring their own robots.

Jdolecki is a long-time forum member who just ┬árecently revealed himself to be a Chicagoan, so I threw him an invite to come hang out for a bit and check out our shop. ┬áHe mentioned bringing his robot, but mentioned that it’d only be worth it if we were on the first floor. I didn’t really think much of it, until I walked outside and saw the behemoth he had in his truck.

I present to you the “Poor Man’s PR2″ WIP project that Jdolecki brought by our office. It’s an old-school, and rather awesome Cybermotion K2A from the 80’s. According to Jdolecki, he scored it at a thrift store for a cool $500; considering the average price of these platforms still is in the several thousand dollar range, that’s a steal! This thing was beyond sturdy, made from cast-iron steel and sporting an advanced omni-directional drive system that looked like it could take a bullet and keep rolling. Check out the video below, and Jdolecki’s blog for more info!

–Andrew – “Robot Scientist”

New Robot Products

Thursday, August 4th, 2011
GS-12 2-Axis Gyro Sensor

GS-12 2-Axis Gyro Sensor

The GS-12 2-Axis Gyro Sensor from Robotis allows you to balance sensing to your Bioloid kits like the Bioloid Comprehensive Kit or other robot projects.

Dual VNH3SP30 Motor Driver Carrier MD03A

Dual VNH3SP30 Motor Driver Carrier MD03A

If you are looking to drive two high-power motors through one compact unit, these dual VNH3SP30 motor driver carriers are perfect for you. With these boards, it’s easy to get a medium-sized, differential drive robot running in no time.

Ollo Explorer Programmable Robot Kit

OLLO Explorer Programmable Robot Kit

The OLLO Explorer Programmable Robot Kit is an excellent starter kit for introducing kids to the exciting world of programmable robots! This is a reconfigurable robot construction kit for beginners ages 8 and up!

Ollo Inventor Programmable Robot Kit

OLLO Inventor Programmable Robot Kit

The OLLO Inventor Kit takes the OLLO Explorer kit up another level. With the added expansion kit kids can do even more.