DARwin-OP Robot prefers Tecate?

With every new family member it starts with excitement and love. They bring joy and laughter into the home. There are cards and gifts and parties to celebrate. But then the reality begins to settle in and you discover that every personality has a dark side. Something deep and hidden in their past…

Darwin-OP Humanoid Research Robot

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3 Responses to “DARwin-OP Robot prefers Tecate?”

  1. Miguel says:

    I want a Darwin! Sooo cute but SOOO expensive! -Migs

  2. […] estaban esperando el sábado con muchas ganas para relajarse y tomarse una cerveza. Pero también DARwIn-OP, el pequeño robot con un poco de alcoholismo estaba esperando el sábado, y parece ser que es todo […]

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