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PhantomX Hexapods Have Arrived

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011


Trossen Robotics is proud to introduce the PhantomX line of pro-hobby & research robotic crawlers. These modular platforms offer an incredible feature list of specs and expandability. With the ability to carry up to 2 kilograms of payload and run at nearly a meter per second these crawlers boast some serious strength and agility. The crawlers come with 6 walking gaits already preloaded and a robust gait engine for further development. Open source software allows for freedom of development and community collaboration. Control wirelessly from the Arduino compatible RC Commander, wirelessly to a base PC, or from an onboard miniPC. Accessory add-ons coming soon include a Claw, RoboTurret, and Telepresence IP Camera. Sturdy, yet flexible ABS material make the Hexapods tough and hackable for individual projects. Drill, cut, screw, and bolt to modify and hack your bot. These crawlers raise the bar on hobby and entry level research robotics while lowering the cost point for so much technology.

Check out these Specs!
Speed (AX-12+): 1.44 fps / 0.44 mps
Speed (AX-18F): 2.82 fps / 0.86 mps
Weight: 4.6 lbs / 2.1 kg
Dimensions: L 19, W 20, H 7.5-9
Payload: 4 lbs / 2 kg

Ridiculous Feature List:

  • 3 Degree-Of-Freedom Legs
  • Arduino-Compatible ArbotiX Robocontroller
  • Open Source Software
  • Advanced Inverse Kinematics Driven Gait Engine
  • 6 Different Walking Gaits Available
  • High Quality LiPo Battery
  • Rugged ABS Construction
  • Totally Hackable!
  • Add Arms, Grippers, Cameras, Pan/Tilts, even Computers!
  • Wireless Xbee Control via PC or Handheld
  • Tons of I/O available and fully programmable for autonomy
  • Control Wirelessly from RC or PC
  • Extra nuts and bolts provided for repair
  • High payload means you can load up add ons
  • Great platform for hobby, education, research, and Mech Warfare!

Four Kits Available:
$2,249.95 – PhantomX AX-18F Hexapod Comprehensive Kit
$1,349.95 – PhantomX AX-12+ Hexapod Comprehensive Kit
$  649.95 – PhantomX Hexapod Comprehensive Kit – No Servos
$  269.99 – PhantomX Hexapod Barebones Kit

Accessories Coming Soon!

PhantomX Claw (pre-order Available)
PhantomX Crawler Turret (pre-order Available)
Telepresence WiFi Camera Kit (pre-order Available)

Also Coming soon – Quadropods & Mech Warfare Ready Kits

Demand has been high for these kits so production runs have been going fast. We recommend getting your order in queue to reserve your kit. We appreciate everyone’s patience as we ramp up production!