Black Friday to Cyber Monday Sale – Robots! Robots! Robots!


Celebrate the holidays by spending money on the only things that matters… Robots! Buy them for your kids, for your geeky parents, for your pets, even people you don’t like. (Set those ones to kill.) This is America and we only know how to express our emotions through wild unfettered spending of cash and credit. Don’t be left behind.

Seriously though, robots are fun and give many hours of entertainment and education. When skynet comes to your door in 20 years you can show them your vintage collection and instead of shooting you they will fall to their knees, cry, and call you Daddy or Mommy.

The sale is valid while supplies last, but we will also honor it on most back ordered items as well and be sure to get it to you before Xmas. If you have any questions just give us a call at 877-898-1005. Real live humans answer the phones here. (But not until Monday, because we are stuffing our faces with turkeys for the next few days. Yes, multiple turkeys.) Call to order stuff, call to say hi, call to tell us about your awesome Turkey Day dinner (ask for Andrew please).

We hope everyone is enjoying the start to the holidays and isn’t having a nervous breakdown over the weather turning cold. This is normal, it happens every year. It will get warmer again. Unless you live in a really cold place that is cold year round. In which case, you should probably move, because that is really depressing. If you do, don’t expect your dogs to understand it however.

Here are some dancing Christmas lights. You’ll have to think of a different winter project. It has been done. To Death.

Here is the sale link if you didn’t find it in the FOUR spots above 😛 Trossen Robotics Black Friday to Cyber Monday Robot Sale!!!

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