Solid Bioloid Walking Gait Tutorial

Our friend RobertLam18 put together a very straight forward explanation of how he develops custom walking gaits on his modified Bioloid Premium Kit. I had the pleasure of meeting him in South Korea earlier this year for the Korean Robot Games Festival and his tricked out Bioloid was certainly impressive! The same basic principles here apply to most humanoid configurations and it’s nice to see a step by step process put together and the results it produces. Definitely check it out if you’re interested in developing your own walking gaits!

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4 Responses to “Solid Bioloid Walking Gait Tutorial”

  1. Electronique says:

    Thanks for this very good tutorial

  2. Jefferson says:

    What material did you find best when padding his feet like that. I use to know a good material I used on past humanoids, but forgot what it was called. So what did you use, and did you try other material as well or no?

  3. ruly says:

    thank a lot
    i am newbie in humanoid robot
    walking tutorial is what i need :)

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