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Interlink FSRs now with Female Connectors

Thursday, August 26th, 2010


It is pretty much a known fact at this point that Interlink FSRs totally rock. For low cost yet durable pressure & force sensing they are a great solution. The brilliant minds over at Interlink even made them standard with thin rubber backing that has an adhesive layer. The only complaint some have is that the sensors only came with thin male tabs which can be a pain to solder. Especially if you were working on a project that required dozens or more sensors. The male tabs are still available and are still a great solution for those that need a low profile sensor, but for those that don’t have a thickness constraint female connectors are now here.

Female connectors make it very easy to connect and disconnect the FSRs now. Each female connector FSR comes with a coupling pin so that it can be plugged directly into 1 pin & 2 pin jumper wires or a breadboard. The female connector is standard .1″ spacing so it can also plug right into board headers if needed. No more soldering hassles.