Let me help you with that bolt sir

Antonb has posted a noteworthy project in the TRC Forums. It is a 5DOF robot arm that uses his custom made “supermodified” servos.

“Supermodified controllers are direct replacement boards for the original servo electronics, that allow full PID speed and position control of the servo. Based on the ATMega 368P (fully Arduino compatible with half the footprint of Arduino nano and 4MHz faster) also allow for controlling 4 digital IOs, as well as 4 analog inputs.”

Antonb’s arm is so good that it can take a bolt from your hand and screw it into a nut flawlessly. If someone ever told me that this could be done with an arm built out of hobby servos I would have laughed. I’m not laughing now! I’m impressed.

Some Quick Stats:
– Absolute position feedback of 0.35 degrees
– adjustable PID
– magnetic encoders!
– Tactile Feedback

Open source code and schematics:

*Also of note is the super clean workbench which I need to show to Andrew here…

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