Autonomous Mech Warfare Robot Making Progress

Forum member Xdream is working hard towards not only creating a bipedal Mech Warfare entry, but making it completely autonomous… and so far, he’s made some pretty solid progress. Heck, it’s more accurate than my current remote control setup. Check for updates on his project in the Autonomous Mech Thread.

Also, for those looking for an inexpensive bipedal Mech Warfare platform, the BRAT based Mech project over at Lynxmotion is turning out to be quite promising, with complete build instructions and code available.

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2 Responses to “Autonomous Mech Warfare Robot Making Progress”

  1. GreenWire says:

    This is kind of looking like some product I saw on Youtube called Roboni-i, but it was shooting a cat.

  2. […] guns for pummeling the crap out of opponents! Then I happened to stumble across a video of a biped “mech” replete with airsoft canons, knocking the crap out of targets. It was very cool to watch. I was even […]

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