Loki – Homemade Robot Looks Amazing

I’m not at all exaggerating; Loki, a 4 foot tall 40lb ‘Domestic Style’ robot looks far better than anything I have seen produced for commercial sales.

LokiArm1 (Small)

Beautiful aesthetics aside, functionally it is one of the most impressive and polished PC based robots I’ve ever seen as well; custom software that handles object recognition, mapping and navigation, as well as voice commands, just to name a few. If all of that wasn’t impressive enough, creator Dave Shinsel has the schematics, documentation and even source code available on his site! Definitely check out Dave’s entire site, he has an impressive body of work, and his Youtube Page has some very cool videos demonstrating Loki in action.

2 Responses to “Loki – Homemade Robot Looks Amazing”

  1. Olivier says:

    thats awesome :O
    I kinda have the same goal for my robot (even tho its alot smaller and simpler: bioloid comprehensive kit) beeing to somewhat understand its surroundings and humans interacting with it, i love how this one even ‘blinks’ his eyes, makes it very life-like, nice touch.

    Also, ‘good times’ that he posted all that info, reading trough it now for my own project(s)

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