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Take the XMOS challenge!

Monday, June 29th, 2009

Who doesn’t like free stuff? XMOS is offering some development kits of their new event driven parallel processors to qualified parties and individuals. These controllers looks like they pack a punch in terms of features and processing power and would make an awesome robotics controller! If you’re interested, check out the forum post by XMOS and answer the requested questions. Definitely shows some promise, check out the forums and the videos below for more info.

XMOS event driven processors allow you to execute code in parallel which could open up a number of possibilities to evolve your robots “mind” to the next level!

I have some development kits to give away potentially, but before I give away all the details, I just wanted to see if there was any interest.

People have made some cool stuff with our tech before (See videos).

Some details of the processor itself which will be on the dev kit (to be released soon):

– Single core device (Although we do have quad core versions – ask me)
– 400 MIPS per core.
– 8 Threads per core.
– 64Kb RAM
– 8KBytes OTP memory for applications, boot code or security keys, with security mode
– 64 user I/O pins
– Support for high performance DSP (32 x 32 → 64bit MAC) and cryptographic functions
– Time aware ports provide up to 10ns timing resolution
– Designs implemented using a software-based design flow (can program in C or XC – very similar to C but with support for extras such as parallel execution)
– Scalable – can connect many kits together for crazy amounts of processing power using Xlinks.