Hexbugs and Bioloids, Oh My!

Our video crew has been hard at work showcasing our various robotic products, and recently highlighted the Bioloid and Hexbug robots.

Is your house tidy? Are you lacking pesky insects in your kitchen? HEXBUGs are your solution!

Why deal with real insects when you can fill that void with these cute little robobugs! Hexbugs are tiny, cute, and make the perfect gift or desktoy for a geek near you! You can pick these up at our online store, as well as at our booth at Robogames 2009 in San Fransisco!

The Bioloid Comprehensive Kit is a tried and true humanoid kit, literally one of the most popular robot kits on the market. We put together a quick video highlighting some custom motions that can be easily programmed into the robot, as well as the new Zig-100 wireless controller. Stay tuned to our blog for an upcoming tutorial on how to make your Bioloid humanoid robot completely remote controlled and competition ready!

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One Response to “Hexbugs and Bioloids, Oh My!”

  1. Mike Henry says:

    I have two hexbugs and several other “bug-sized” robots. However, I never considered them as a replacement for the real thing. The mechanical bugs are so much less trouble. They don’t bite, eat, or make a mess of your home. (Well, maybe they do make a mess.) Hexbugs are a great companion around the house. Just don’t let your cat catch one–they are not edible like a living bug.

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