A-pod: A Robot Ant’s Tale

TRC Member Zenta has once again amazed us all with a new hexapod robot

Inspired by insects, this time Zenta decided to mix things up a bit. Dubbed A-pod, this hexapod is fully custom built much like the original Phoenix hexapod. Time and time again Zenta never fails to impress, we can’t wait for the videos of it creeping around in its own lifelike way!

To see the full writeup including more pictures and to watch the progression A-pod, check out Zenta’s thread in the TRC.

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2 Responses to “A-pod: A Robot Ant’s Tale”

  1. […] We posted a few weeks ago about TRC member Zenta’s new creation, the A-Pod Hexapod. Zenta, who created the infamous Phoenix Hexapod, is seriously one of the most talented roboticists we have seen and we’re glad to call him a much valued member of our Community! […]

  2. DesertNemesis says:

    Wow i an say im shocked and amazed at the sophistication of the robotics done to this robo, question though, is the A-pod ant being sold somewhere, i wanna get one

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