InventGeek’s Paintball Turret = Awesome

Funny I found this, because I was just thinking that if (when) the Zombie Armageddon hits, I’d need to fortify my Costco fortress (find your own) with some automatic turrets capable of firing zombie repellent, and what better project to detail building exactly that? has painstakingly detailed all of their most excellent work that went into building this beauty, and while we have seen a paintball turret pop up over the years, none have even come close to such an elegant execution. Complete parts lists and even the ability to purchase the acrylic parts are available, so you too can build your very own “Zombie Repellent Paintball Turret” to fortify your “Post-Zombie Armageddon Costco Fortress” (dibs on the one by my office!).

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One Response to “InventGeek’s Paintball Turret = Awesome”

  1. Brent says:

    Wow that’s just full of awesome…

    Thanks for the link to InventGeek I have some usedpaintballguns laying around in the garage collecting dust and I think I may give something similar a go… maybe not this powerful but I definitely want something with a turret…

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