Skynet Research wants YOU!

Recently we were contacted by an upcoming advanced robotics R&D company who has been keeping a pretty low profile. Skynet Research only went public last week, but for the past 10 years has been hard at work and already making startling advanced in military and research level robotics. Some of this stuff is scary, it makes iRobot’s military line look like a bunch of toys. Check out these concept designs:

So here’s the kicker, I got a chance to talk to one of their lead researchers over the weekend and along with going public, they’ve also announced a Community Outreach Program to hobby and professional roboticists. They’re actually granting access to some of their technology (with no doubt a massive NDA attached) to the average hobbyist. From what I gathered speaking with them, the Model 101 Enhancement Module that is being provided for evaluation is some sort of Neural Networking microprocessor with built in wifi capability, used for relaying sensory data back to a central AI hub that is scheduled to go online in the near future. REALLY cool stuff, if you’re interested in applying for the beta program, you just have to submit your robot design and an explaination of why you think your project would be well suited for their program.

Here’s the official press release from Skynet Research, and be sure to check out their site for more info.

Skynet Research is a leader in the research and development of robotic technology, dedicated to helping the human race achieve great goals. And we want to hear from you!


Skynet Research believes every individual holds the capacity to make a difference, and is dedicated to finding as many people as possible who will impact our future goals.

  • The spark of imagination is the greatest asset of humankind. We are interested in mining this resource within the robotics community to find new robot designs.

  • Individuals are welcome to submit designs, videos and schematics relating to future robot models. We will showcase the most promising for all to see on our corporate website.


As part of our ever-increasing outreach, we are also making available the Skynet Research Enhancement Module Model 101 for consumer grade robots at no cost before it is even available in stores.

  • The Model 101 is compatible with any home robotics device, and will vastly improve the precision, efficiency and speed of any mechanized apparatus regardless of function.

  • You may apply to receive one on our website.
  • View a video of our new Enhancement Module HERE


  • There are many different Skynet Research models in production and operation, and countless more in active development at secure and undisclosed locations around the world.
  • Skynet Research is reshaping daily life for human beings across the planet, with contributions to business, education, healthcare, information systems and military defense.
  • Skynet Research has led the evolution of Artificial Intelligence to multiply at exponential rates, pushing to improve robotic function in daily life with a constant eye on the future.

We have been honored as “most innovative” company in numerous trade publications, while one award-winning professor stated Skynet Research is displaying an “unprecedented” rate of growth.

We are committed to making your world different

Skynet Research

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7 Responses to “Skynet Research wants YOU!”

  1. Chris Anderson says:

    You do know that’s a spoof website to promote the upcoming Terminator movie, yes?

  2. Benjamin Moore says:

    ^ Amazing work Mr. Internet Detective. I’m sure these guys have no idea that its a marketing campaign when they have an advert for it on the side of their blog. Nothing gets past you!

  3. I thought it was one of our robots with an supersized laser. I figured they had been reading our blog about the recent addition of neural net code – .

  4. Bob Mottram says:

    I looked at that site and it seemed obviously fake. The thing which really gave the game away was in one of the videos the supposed researchers are wearing white lab coats. I’ve worked with robots and roboticists for quite a while, and not one of them ever wore a white lab coat.

    Still, I think this does show that the believability gap between the fictional technology of the Terminator movies and what we have today is shrinking, to the point where a naive observer might believe that a site like this was genuine. What looked like pure fantasy in the 1980s is getting closer to reality today.

  5. Andrew says:

    Viva la Skynet! =)

  6. Vincent says:

    aaah! I was believing this was true but when I see this was military and secret and then a link to Facebook profile I found this pretty strange ! Got it! Nice try :-)

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