Axon: A Microcontroller Built By Roboticists, For Roboticists

The Atmega chips really are fantastic for robotics, but sometimes the learning curve can be a bit steep. Society of Robots has taken this into consideration with their new Axon Microcontroller. Boasting the impressive Atmega 640, which has 55 total I/O pins and can control up to 29 servos, this open source microcontroller was built from the ground up with the Roboticist in mind. Visit our store for more information on the Axon Microcontroller.

Here’s a video showing just how easy it is to interface with the Axon:

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One Response to “Axon: A Microcontroller Built By Roboticists, For Roboticists”

  1. William Cox says:

    Only 55 IO pins? Pshaw! Any self respecting roboticist needs at least 100!

    No, just kidding. I would love to see a design that took advantage of all that IO. I’m curious, though, why it needs such a large cap (3300uF) on the board? I love how the headers provide GND, power, and signal all in a nice row. Good design.

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