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More DIY Wall-E Madness!

Monday, October 13th, 2008

You can tell that Wall-E was a major hit with the roboticist community by the number of Wall-E hacks and DIY bots we’ve seen over the past few months. First of all, forum member 4mem8 posted his Homebrew Wall-E robot and won the last round of our competition. Then Bazmarc wow’d us with his Lego NXT Wall-E which put my self proclaimed Lego-Genius skills to shame. Keeping with the trend, DJSures has impressed us with his DIY Hacked Toy Wall-E.

He bought one of the cheap little toy Wall-E’s you find in toy stores now, but obviously was not impressed by its capabilities. He set out to make it his own, replacing the single motor with a handful of servos, hacking the voice chip, adding a custom PIC and sonar for autonomous navigation, and overall doing a fantastic job bringing this robot to life.

Here’s a video of the little guy in action. Make sure to check out his thread for some great photos of all of his work.