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How to scare kids on halloween the ‘techy’ way!

Wednesday, October 8th, 2008

Hiding behind bushes in a monster costume and jumping out to scare would be trick-or-treaters is sooo 1995. That and it can earn you a beat down from an unsuspecting parental guardian. Here’s a way to do it while you’re safely hiding within your house.

First, either purchase or build a scary pop-out halloween prop, screaming speaker, or flashing lights of your choice. Here’s a pretty fancy one made out of PVC and other various items:

Couple this with one of our simple Floor Mat Switches….

and you’ve got an automatic Halloween gag that is sure to make a few kids soil their costumes!

Announcement: Next Round of the TRC Project Contest

Wednesday, October 8th, 2008

It’s that time again to officially announce the next round of the Trossen Robotics Community (TRC) Project Contest. With the success of last round, it was obvious many preferred the idea of offering Robots as prizes, so we’re doing it again:-)

The goal of the TRC Project Contest is to encourage technological creativity, innovation and ingenuity through these talented individual’s unique projects. We invite everyone to help spread the word about this contest announcement to help encourage others to show off their talent.

1st place

Pleo™ from UGOBE


  • 2 32-bit Microprocessors – central and image processing
  • 4 8-bit Subprocessors – motor control
  • 14 motors
  • Over 100 custom-designed gears
  • Camera-based vision system – light detection and navigation.
  • 2 Microphones – binaural hearing
  • 8 Skin sensors – head, chin, shoulders, back, legs
  • 4 Foot switches – surface detection
  • 14 Force-feedback sensors – one per joint
  • Orientation tilt sensor – body position
  • Infrared mouth sensor – object detection
  • SD card slot – Pleo add-ons

2nd place

WowWee RS-Media™


  • Chest Mounted LCD Screen
  • PC-Based Editing Suite
  • Head Mounted Camera
  • Sonic Sensors
  • 40MB Memory w/ SD upgrade slot
3rd place

Wowwee Roboquad™


  • IR Vision w/Scanning features
  • Head mounted LED’s
  • 72 Preprogrammed Functions
  • Multiple Modes
  • Advanced Motion Control
  • Personality Settings
  • Light Sensor
  • Sound Sensor

Please visit our Project Contest Page for further information and instructions on how and where to submit your project. Somebody is going to be a proud new owner of a WowWee Roboquad, RS-Media, or… wait for it…. a PLEO from UGOBE. Will it be you?