Now offering ‘Roids for your Robot: Dynamixel EX-106 Servo

We’re not kidding.  Your robot will actually start talking deeper and be drawn to your local gym.

We are of course, talking about the new Robotis Dynamixel EX-106 servo. This is the most ridiculously strong actuator we have seen outside of the industrial realm, boasting nearly 1,500 oz-in of torque. We’re pretty sure when Skynet goes live, the first order of business will be securing a stockpile of these servos to build an army of bone-crushing robots with. Use with caution, as these servos are literally very dangerous.


One Response to “Now offering ‘Roids for your Robot: Dynamixel EX-106 Servo”

  1. William says:

    At last! My dreams of building a human-rideable hexapod can be realized!

    But seriously, 1,500 oz-in?? That’s insane. That’s almost 8 ft-lbs!

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