Trossen Robotics announces their new Educational Division

Trossen Robotics has announced the launch of their new Educational Robotics Division. Building upon the knowledge and experience they have gained as a premiere US distributor of robotic kits and components, they have hand picked the best robotic kits tailored specifically for classroom use to create a one stop shop for educators using robotics in education.

Trossen Robotics has been committed as a business to helping robotics advance in the US and the new Education Division is another step forward in their continuing efforts. Matt Trossen, founder, explains their focus, “We saw that one of the major stumbling blocks for educators interested in integrating robotics into their classrooms was the fragmentation of all the products and information. Our goal is to be a top notch aggregator for teachers. To create a single comprehensive storehouse of products, guides, and information.” Matt also comments on the future of the division and goals for robotics in education, “We will continue to integrate curriculum and project manuals into the site for educators to use. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for educators to research, choose, and integrate robotics into their curriculum. This is the way we as a company can help keep US schools cutting edge which is as important now as has ever been.”

Offerings from Parallax,  Robobuilder, Robotis, Lego Mindstorms, Robotics Connection, VEX and many more are displayed in an easy browse format. Educators are informed of exactly what each kit brings to the classroom, what difficulty and scope of work is involved in the projects, and what their students can expect to bring out of the learning experience. Ordering from the same source also saves educator’s time and valuable education dollars.

What do robots bring to the classroom? Robotics is an exciting field of science that brings mechanical, electronic, and even software engineering together. Skills ranging from physics, mathematics, mechanical design, soldering, programming, logic, and teamwork are built as a foundation of knowledge that has limitless potential. Students get to see the results of their work in a tangible, physical application of science as their projects come to life.

Trossen Robotics cordially invites educators, students, and parents alike to visit their new Educational Division.

Download the PDF version of this announcement here.

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