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Lego Wall-E, Geek-Envy is a cruel mistress

Monday, September 8th, 2008

I used to pride myself as a Legos whiz. I had two entire trashcans full of them growing up and I could build ANYTHING. I even built a thermonuclear detonator out of my Technic set until the government decided that was too much power for one 11 year old to wield.

Well, today I hang my head in shame. My self proclaimed Lego genius has been shot down and put to shame. Bazmarc from our Community Forums has shattered my fragile ego, and shown us he is in a league of his own in Lego Supremacy. Behold the Lego NXT Autonomous Wall-E Robot! Seriously, this has to be the most impressive Lego robot we’ve seen yet, not only holding true to the likeness of the beloved Wall-E, but also boasting a feature set that would make the Ultimate Wall-E toy jealous.

Here are a few pictures of NXT Lego Wall-E (Click to Enlarge)


WallE Guts!

Here’s a video of the little guy in action: